One of the biggest struggles for nurses is finding time to EAT!!! Can I get an “Amen?!” I am one of those nurses that is very possessive of my patients. I don’t really like to have other people “watch my people” because well, I just don’t! That can be hard because in order to really […]

Healthy Life Style, Nurse Life

September 27, 2016

The Healthiest (and Yummiest) Snacks For Nurses To Get Through A 12-Hour Shift!

Over the past 4 years of nursing, one thing has become very clear to me: It is HARD to stay healthy as a nurse! We work crazy hours. We rarely get enough sleep. And if we’re lucky, we wake up in time to make coffee at home instead of grabbing it on site! If anyone […]


September 20, 2016

5 Unhealthy Habits That Nurses Need To Kick To The Curb STAT!

Over the past year, the term “Millennial” has come up quite often in my workplace. A “Millennial” is considered someone born between the year 1982 and the early 2000’s. What bothers me about being labeled a Millennial is not the name itself, but it’s the negative reputation that has come along with it.

Nurse Life

September 18, 2016

Why I Am Proud to Be Considered a “Millennial” Nurse!

Eating healthy sounds GREAT, right? But eating healthy sounds like work, doesn’t it? Yup! Whenever the first of the year rolls around, or someone makes the personal decision midyear to make a change in their eating habits, it tends to feel like it takes a lot of work and preparation! The reality is that it […]

Healthy Life Style, Nurse Life

September 7, 2016

Practice What You Preach! 5 EASY and HEALTHY Recipes Created For A Working Nurses Schedule!