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Your ability to earn more has just as much to do with negotiation as your experience.



Know what to say before, during, and after the interview. It's also important to know how to land an interview first.



Prepare yourself for work in your dream job! Know what roles are ideal for your personality.

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A private community of Whole Life Nurses from around the world to support and grow with you in your nursing journey to CREATE a career & life that you love!

Crafting Your Dream Career

Today I teach Nurses how to have less stress, more money, and better health by creating healthy boundaries in their career, landing their dream job, and learning to how to negotiate like a BOSS!

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I'm a Nurse who knows what it's like to feel under-appreciated, under paid, and at the mercy of management. About 3 years ago I started Whole Life Nurse with the intention of helping more nurses. I had no idea what it would turn into!

I'm Kelsey


There is NO REASON you should stay in a job that is sucking the soul out of you!
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