I'm Kelsey.

I'm the Registered Nurse turned entrepreneur who sang her way onto the Dr. Oz show to show America what the profession of nursing needs more of! My heart is showing Nurses how to live healthy lives, generate more income, and acquire emotional freedom in their careers!


This is my heart and mission! Nurses need to be supported & cared for more than anything! We spend billions of dollars a year focusing on how we can better care for our patients, yet we don't stop, reflect, and address the health & state of the "vessels" (the nurses & HCP's) delivering this care. THIS is VITAL. THIS is Whole Life Nurse. 

I became extremely passionate about sharing this message. Over the past 3 years, I built a business around teaching nurses how to create healthy boundaries in their career, generate more income through negotiation & launching side hustles, and learning all of the options out there to craft a career that is healthy and right for their personal lives!


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