Land that dream job interview

Negotiate what you deserve

Establish healthy boundaries

Pursue the right job for you

Honor your life's needs



You know it's possible to negotiate higher pay or find a more fulfilling Nursing role because you see other Nurses post about it.

No matter what stage of your Nursing career

You continue to binge-watch how-to negotiate videos on YouTube or download free resume templates without making progress in landing your dream job.

Does this sound familiar?

Patient loads are heavier than ever with greater demands, but the support for nurses just isn't there

You feel the pressure to “be a team player” at your expense!

You were never given the right mindset, tools, or resources to actually create a healthy career that is right for your life!

You've been taught that “exhaustion is a badge of honor”!

I promise, there is a better way.


A private community of Whole Life Nurses from around the world to support and grow with you in your nursing journey to CREATE a career & life that you love!

Crafting Your Dream Career


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 Safe & Inspiring Community

We've included the best features of the largest social media platforms and removed the worst aspects to create a place you can feel safe to share and ask questions.

*See behind the scenes what you get inside the course content and the exclusive Nurse community.

There is NO REASON you should stay in a job that is sucking the soul out of you!
Create a life and career that you love!

Today I teach Nurses how to have less stress, more money, and better health by creating healthy boundaries in their career, landing their dream job, and learning to how to negotiate like a BOSS!

I'm a Nurse who knows what it's like to feel under-appreciated, under paid, and at the mercy of management. About 3 years ago I started Whole Life Nurse with the intention of helping more nurses. I had no idea what it would turn into!

I'm Kelsey