Land that healthy dream job

Negotiate what you deserve

Establish healthy boundaries

Add a side hustle

Create an online platform 

Grow a full time business



You know it's possible to negotiate higher pay or find a more fulfilling Nursing role because you see other Nurses post about it, but you have no clue how to do it yourself!

No matter what stage of your Nursing career

You continue to Google search for non-traditional jobs without any direction on where or how to find them! You attempt to perfect your resume with free templates you downloaded online, but you STILL haven't landed your dream job!


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Does this sound familiar?

Patient loads are heavier than ever with greater demands, but the support for nurses just isn't there

You feel the pressure to “be a team player” at your expense!

You were never given the right mindset, tools, or resources to actually create a healthy career that is right for your life! It's ALL about what benefits the workplace!

You've been taught that “exhaustion is a badge of honor”!

I promise, there is a better way.


A private community of Whole Life Nurses from around the world to support and grow with you in your nursing journey to CREATE a career & life that you love!

Crafting Your Dream Career


Exclusive "How To" Training for Nurses

What's Inside CYDC?

Personalized Pathways based on your Career Goals

Live Interviews from Expert Guests

Live Career & Business Coaching 2x/week 

Access to Career & Business workshops and courses 

Resume & Interview Coaching from Experts

Non-Traditional Jobs & Side Hustle Posting Boards

But I'm not stopping there - I wanted to share how I created more freedom in my life beyond nursing!

This is a membership experience built for Nurses by Nurses

In my 7 years of owning an online business, I’ve discovered that there are INCREDIBLE opportunities for nurses to create side hustles of their own.


here's the deal...

What I wasn’t expecting was hundreds of nurses knocking at the door to get into this program and that’s EXACTLY what happened! 

Over the past 2 years in this, I’ve been able to help Nurses JUST LIKE YOU start and grow side hustles to bring home an extra 1k/month to start.

That’s TWO WHOLE nursing shifts they were able to replace doing something that they loved and that was their own! That was JUST the beginning. 

How do I know?

Well, I decided to experiment and create a program for Nurse Entrepreneurs and see if any Nurses were interested. I knew it was something I loved so I thought maybe other nurses would want my help in learning how to make an income while making an impact doing what they loved and believed in too. 

My students started mentorships, PDF Etsy Shops, health coaching programs, resume businesses, educational platforms, blogs, tutoring, t-shirt businesses, online memberships for nursing students, and SO MUCH MORE!

The possibilities are literally endless and we’ve BARELY touched the surface for online nursing platforms! 

What I realized is that not only are Nurses wanting to address their current work situations to create a healthier and happier career, but they are genuinely interested in working on building a side hustle to generate more income at the same time! 

Building wealth = Freedom!

When you can make more money, you have more choices in life. 

You don’t have to stay in a toxic job just because the paycheck is good, you can find a healthier position because you have money on the side. 

You can cut down on hours at work and go part time (and afford part time benefits) because you have money on the side.

You can get creative with your career and work high paying PRN gigs and afford private insurance and invest privately because you have money on the side.

You can pay off debt, put down a payment for a home, go on more vacations, and spend more time with the people you love because you’re building wealth on the side!

I love showing nurses how to get started building meaningful, impactful, and profitable businesses using their skills, gifts, and talents. 

And here’s the deal. You don’t have to be a pro at something to teach others. 

You simply need to know how to support or get someone to a place that you have gotten yourself.

Do you know how many Nurses are CRAVING a mentor or guide in this profession or in other areas of life? A TON!

There are SO many options when it comes to starting a biz as a Nurse and I am PUMPED to get nurses growing.

Choose Your Own Nurse-Venture

Create a Healthy Career + Negotiate More Money

In CYDC you will get three options to help you build a happier, healthier, and more rewarding career. You can choose which best suits your desires.

Find & Explore a non-traditional nursing job that you love, negotiate to make more money, set healthy boundaries, and create a happy career as a Nurse. 

Supplement Your Nursing Income With A Side Hustle

All of the above PLUS learning to start a side hustle and generate extra income to have fun and simply cut down on hours at work, have something fun to do on the side, and have more money to create a little more freedom and have more fun in life. 

You Go ALL IN - Create a Career That Supports Your Dreams & Replace Your Income

Learn how to create a healthier and more flexible career & schedule with all that CYDC has to offer while you work on growing a business to ultimately get out of the nursing grind and you work toward being a full time Nurse Entrepreneur to REPLACE your income while growing your business! 

Practical steps to guide you in creating a nursing career that helps you:

Exclusive "HOW TO" Training

Plus, hear interviews from other nurses in specialty areas (health coaching, aesthetics, school nursing, clinical education, ICU, ER, PICU, L&D, Mama/Baby, IV hydration, aesthetics, and so much more), learn skills to cope with toxic environments (even how to change them) and steps to take to leave them when necessary.

Know how to utilize a PRN job (and the best ones that exist) , advancing your career with purpose (without always having to go back to school), and SO much more! 

What are Nurses saying about CYDC...

LIVE weekly coaching 2x a week with Kelsey 

Establish healthy boundaries with confidence

Learn all of the job options that exist for where you're at in your career

Land and nail interviews for the best jobs


Receive access to the entire membership, but you will receive a personalized pathway & membership roadmaps from Kelsey to navigate the membership based on where you are at to best meet your needs! YES, there is POWERFUL content related to your needs at all stages in your career!

Personalized Pathway

Student Nurse

New Grad


Retiring Soon

A personalized pathway to guide you through the membership with where you are at in your career (student nurse,  new grad,  experienced nurse, or ready to retire soon.)

More resources, tools, and trainings...

Expert Guest Interviews

Interviews from Guest Experts on topics related to self development and growth in this profession (Enneagram Coach, Financial Advisor, Mindset Coach, Negotiating Expert, and lots more)!

Live weekly Coaching with Kelsey

Weekly live coaching with me, Kelsey! (And guess what, you get to remain anonymous on the calls for your safety if you choose)!

Member Only Access

Exclusive access to Workshops, Webinars, and Courses created by Whole Life Nurse on various subjects r/t Nursing and Career growth & Entrepreneurship (Etsy, Print On Demand, Dropshipping, and more)!

 ($1000 value)!

you will receive:

Access to all of my Career & Entrepreneurial Guides:

Non-Traditional Nursing Jobs Guide (over 200 non-traditional jobs listed)

200+ PDF Ideas for Nurses to Sell On Etsy

Ultimate Side Hustle Guide For Nurses

Nurse Negotiating Scripts Guide 

30 Day Hand Fed Posting Ideas for Social Media 

Ongoing “PDF of The Month” topics and LOTS more! 

Breaking into Biotech Guide (discover biotech companies who hire nurses & how to find these roles)! 

Remote Nursing Jobs Company List (a complete list of companies who hire nurses remotely 

Non Traditional Nursing Jobs Posting Board (a weekly posting of the best non-traditional jobs for every nurse to apply to nationwide) 

Nursing Side Hustle Jobs Posting Board (cool and unique jobs that nurses can do on the side to make more money OR do full time that are not clinical like freelance writing, virtual assistants, virtual CRP instructors, and much more)! 

Access to Private Nursing Career & Entrepreneur Facebook Groups and exclusive posting opportunities to network, promote (if you’re an entrepreneur), and other perks! 

Skill Swap - this is an incredible section that allows you to network with hundreds of other nurses in the membership to swap skills and grow from each other (resume support, learning social media skills, travel nurse advice, negotiating, interviewing, blogging, and lots more)

Private Monthly Email promotion opportunity to Kelsey's 40k+ email list to share your platform & promotional items!  

 Safe & Inspiring Community

We've included the best features of the largest social media platforms and removed the worst aspects to create a place you can feel safe to share and ask questions.

*See behind the scenes what you get inside the course content and the exclusive Nurse community.

There is NO REASON you should stay in a job that is sucking the soul out of you!
Create a life and career that you love!

Today I teach Nurses how to have less stress, more money, and better health by creating healthy boundaries in their career, landing their dream job, and learning to how to negotiate like a BOSS!

I'm a Nurse who knows what it's like to feel under-appreciated, under paid, and at the mercy of management. About 4 years ago I started Whole Life Nurse with the intention of helping more nurses. I had no idea what it would turn into!

I'm Kelsey



A private community of Whole Life Nurses from around the world to support and grow with you in your nursing journey to CREATE a career & life that you love!

Crafting Your Dream Career

Exclusive "How To" Training for Nurses

Personalized Pathway based on your needs + optional onboarding call!

Live Career Search Calls + Side Hustle Ideas Calls!

Live Coaching with Kelsey 2x a week (remain anonymous)

Access to Career & Business workshops and courses

 Resume & Interview Coaching Workshops

24/7  private messaging w/ Kelsey inside the portal

and so much more!!