Come let it, come let it shine!

  1. Mariah says:

    Loved reading this post, Kels, I am so proud of you and what you have done for yourself. You’re not the only one who is scared of all the “adult” stuff and struggles with figuring it all out. Life is big! Xo- Mariah

  2. Patrice Hurd Hinds says:

    What a beautiful, heartfelt, inspiring, and humorous adventure you just took me on!! You are one in a million! Felt like I was reliving my 1st job out of x-ray school. on the COBALT floor (today that would be radiation therapy floor) After a year I decided that wasn’t for me-too depressing-and the hospital was way overwhelming.!! Orthopedic clinics was my calling!! You have so many choices you can make with your degree-that’s what is so great!! What a great journey you have started………….I’m so excited for you!!! Love you………Aunt Patrice

  3. Laughing about the avocados!… I thought the same thing…