How It Started So as I was approaching the big “100K”, I had friends and family reach out to me to share their excitement about this big milestone. It’s kind of crazy the world we’re living in that social media is even a “thing.” It went from being this new weird way people connect and […]


February 18, 2021

Whole Life Nurse: My Journey to 100K!

  Nurses are intentional beings who deserve intentional gifts! I compiled a list of 20 EPIC gifts that they can receive for the holidays this year! If you feel this list is share-worthy, please share!   1. A Massage Gift Card – since hospitals waste their money on  keychains and pizza parties throughout the year, but your […]


December 10, 2019

20 Practical Gifts For Nurses!

practical gifts for nurses

I’ve been a nurse for almost 7 years now and it’s become quite apparent there are 10 unspoken truths in nursing that need to be normalized. The results from my surveying, polling, and research from nurses shows what truly matters most to them when it comes to healthy work environments. The biggest thing I’ve learned […]

Emotional Wellness

October 29, 2019

10 Unspoken Truths In Nursing

In my past 7 years of Nursing, it’s become quite evident to me that over the years we’ve passed down a VERY false belief & mindset about what nurses should (and shouldn’t) be taking on. With hospitals now being run by shareholders and giant corporations (instead of physician and HCP led groups), now more than […]


August 28, 2019

Hey Nurse, Exhaustion Is Not A Badge Of Honor