1. Kristin says:

    I didn’t have time to read it all (between prereq nursing classes and going in to the ER to work today) but I have it book marked for later. Love it! And you’re adorable!

    • krw07c says:

      oh my gosh. Kristin, you will be fabulous as an RN. Wish we lived closer. I’d hang out with you while you studied. I always wanted my friends to come sit with me 🙁 haha….keep goin at it woman!! much love. and thank you!

  2. Taylor says:

    I’m mentioned in a blog post I feel so special! You speak the truth too!

  3. Kate H. says:

    Kelsey you are so inspirational! I’m shooting for med school starting next summer, and I think all your tips will help me there. I’ve enjoyed reading, keep up all your hard work, much love!

    • krw07c says:

      AWWW Kate!! You inspire ME miss Marathoner!!! Craziness!!! I def think you should pursue med school. You are so well rounded, and see both sides of health care. The holistic and medical side with your athletic background….and you are just super sweet and amazing all around. I miss you! Was thinkin about all you STC girls today. Keep me posted! <3