The Unique and Painful Struggle Of A Nurse in a Business-Minded World!

  1. David Wheeler says:

    This blog says it all. I have to assume short staffing is a systemic issue all through medical facilities and it will take a force of determined FED_UP nurses to counter the business practice of unsafe nurse/patient ratios. May 2017 nurses D.C. rally is awaiting all concerned nurses who can attend or can support the rally in their own personal way.

  2. Dan Walter says:

    I started a website where nurses and other health care professionals can anonymously post about dangerous patient safety conditions at their hospital … so far it’s mostly staffing, nurse/patient ratios:

    • Kelsey Rowell says:

      Dan, have you connected with the group, Show Me Your Stethoscope? They’d love to hear this!

  3. Pablo Hurtado says:

    Great blog Kelsey, thank you. I’m on my 2nd year and yes, the main concern is to “get things done” and fast and cover your tracks, chart, d-o-c-u-m-e-n-t; I see experienced, seasoned nurses struggling too. Now, get this, there are times, happens once in a while, I actually have time to really give the care and the loving that my patients deserve, I go home with a great feeling of peace; yes, the very reason I became a nurse.