What If Nurses Could Smile More? #RealLife

  1. Ellie says:

    This post could be written for nurses everywhere. I work in a long term care facility full of patients that could die at any time, are unstable because the hospitals release them too early, and are understaffed. I love my job but end up staying two hours extra almost every day because I want and do the little things that patients need that the aids don’t have time to do-becasue they all have 10-15 patients. It is very stressful and I, too, would love to see everyone smile more.

  2. Jacqueè says:

    Grest read, nurses will smile more when administration stop bullying and humiliating us! When we can care and not cast blame because we did not work on this or that that they know we could not do in our shift be it 8, 10 or 12 hours! I have noticed that most of my lack of smiles are post staff meeting and during monthly evaluations!
    The reprimand is demeaning and condesending and many times we get treated as children. After being a nurse for over 20 years, I get talk down to quite often for things my supervisor cannot accomplish and not even her Boss! I would love to see more positive turns that focus on the good that you do and how it impacted the patients lives! Eg; one of my Diabetic with a kidney transplant no longer needed insulin routinely due to the education that she received.
    Our patients have great stories to tell about us, what do you think administration story is about you?
    Maybe nurse Jacqueè did not make her Kota of calls that could not be made in 8, 10 or 12 hours, or she just called off today, now what then?
    Yes, I understand you did several admissions on very complex patients, bilingual, homeless, rape victims but still you missed out on 6 calls for the week?
    How can we smile when administration does not smile back to us?
    How can we smile when they walk with their head down while they plan another act of bullying and humiliation?
    How can we smile when they do not tell their superiors about the great job we did today to take care of Mary the Biplolar or Mental disorder patient that we had to convence to take the medication and keep appointments with the Psyche and PCP!
    Their matrix does not show our performance, It defeats us as nurses!
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice! Change must come if we have to continue smiling! We have feelings too, I bring a loving, compassionate heart to work with me each day, ask me what do I take back home with me daily?
    One love, Jacqueè