What I’ve learned in my first year of nursing….

  1. Sarah Mott says:

    These are great tips for new nurses as well as seasoned nurses. My favorite is to laugh – As nurses we really do perform some bizarre task and treatments.

  2. Vaviora says:

    I like your piece about “Flying Under the Radar.” All the things you said happened to me in my first hospital job. Being new, I tried to make friends with everyone. I shared my life story with many of my co-workers. I even shared how difficult my commute was, how I tragically lost my fiance, etc., etc. What I didn’t know was that I opened myself up too much and made myself vulnerable. I basically made myself a target of drama at work. As the months passed, there were nurses who began saying things about me that weren’t always true or accurate. I got very emotional about them… even crying while driving home after a shift to the point that my job performance was affected. I became very defensive and always tried to explain to my educators, management, as well as, my peers my side of the story. I felt like drama kept following me and I’m sure management saw it the same way, and decided to eventually let me go. In retrospect, had I did what you said to just “do your job, do it well, and then go home” and “Don’t get up in arms… make a big deal out of things,” I think I wouldn’t have been in the spotlight and wouldn’t have lost my job.

    I now have a new job at another hospital which I thought would never happen again. I will do things differently at this new job. I will not take things “personally if someone critiques or corrects (me)” knowing now that many nurses are “a Type A personality and are very particular with what and how they do things.” I will be open to their criticisms, remarks, and styles. I will not “raise fists.” I will just listen to what they have to say, and move on knowing (that I) did the best (I) could do.” I will pick and learn from them until the time I am on my own and can start developing MY own practice. MY own way of doing things. Thank you, Kelsey, for all your sage advice. Your article is such a blessing!