Why It’s NOT About “Patient Centered Care”

  1. Rhonda Haynes says:

    Wow how ironic I should wake and read this ! I started a PCT job on June 11th, the demands of it are beyond what any human being can possibly do. I feel perpetually inadequate, losing sleep waking asking myself ~ “did I remember to chart that?” Before I can get one task done my phones ringing with another. Then I get asked to do things while running literally down the hall to the next tasks. I do not know if i can handle all this while in nursing school, which starts 8/20! ????????‍♀️????????????

  2. Jessica S says:


    I just emailed my manager 1 week before I left (for foot surgery) explaining my hurt to him. I have been so heartbroken at the realization of health care. I myself had a mental break down because of it. I have been a RN since February 2017. And in this short time have already been beaten down by my PCU floor. I feel like no one cares about us. Our morale on my unit is so awful. In my email to him I mentioned that if nothing can be done about staffing, at least tell us we are appreciated. At the very least tell us you’re glad we are here! I couldn’t agree more with “people centered care.” I firmly believe that if we feel loved and appreciated we do better…at anything in life. Especially to take care of patients.

    The sad part now though is what’s next? How does this change? How do WE change this? In the mean time I just try to keep my perspective positive. I try to be as nice as I can to my patients and co workers.

    This blog is fantastic. But like I said… now what?

  3. DR says:

    You hit the nail on the head! My sentiments exactly!