A Nurses Story: Overcoming Anxiety and And Healing Naturally

  1. Kat says:

    I have been an RN for close to 25 years…the stories I could tell…but I am now burned out, my body has been damaged by the extremely heavy work, and my heart broken more times than a heart should break. I love nursing, I love being a nurse. I love knowing what to do to make someone comfortable. But I hurt every where. Patients have fallen on me, bitten me, choked me, and just plain wore out my shoulders and back. I have a recalled mesh in me from a huge patient seizing and falling against me, the repercussions of which I suffer bowel obstructions and hospitalization with no tubes, etc, several times a year from the scar tissue. Still I limped in yo dork the day after getting discharged. Management really does not care that we work short, with substandard equipment, they only care that we show up. I hear of people in other jobs getting debriefing after traumatic events…not once have I received any kind of support like that after some horrifically traumatic shifts. I am currently on a lifting restriction due to a bladder repair that my surgeon said I was never to do bedside nursing again, because the next time my bladder dropped from all the heavy lifting and long hours on my feet, she would not be able to fix it. I cried, and I mourned the loss of my career, but do you know what? I don’t hurt as much any more. I don’t feel like an elastic band stretched to the limit any more. I am 59, and I am relieved I don’t have to do that any more! Run all day against the clock, not eating or peeing…feeling like I didn’t do enough. It has taken over 6 months for me to even start to relax and let the tension go… nursing was great in a lot of ways, but it almost killed my soul.