From A Nurse To Another Nurse: A Post Nurses Week Reflection And Dedication

  1. Lori Chenard says:

    Great blog Kelsey! It was so great meeting you in DC.

  2. janet walker says:

    I think you are a wonderful caring nurse unfortunately you have entered a field that is going to take everything out of you I have spent 25 yrs being a “nurse” have missed lots of holidays, special occasions away from my family and friends, and worked when I had sick and hospitalized family memebers so my team members would not have to work short. never to be appreciated from the employers I have had. The patients lives you will touch is where your appreciation will come from don’t look for it from an employer can’t speak for all but most are thinking only about the financial end of patient care anything we say as nurses will probably continue to fall on deaf ears not sure what to do about changing the way health care is going praying that some day that the people that can make a change will hear your words of wisdom?? continue in your journey your are meant to do great things

  3. Linda says:

    Kelsey..this brought tears to my eyes..thru teary eyes+runny nose..altho I doubt one could see thru a runny nose…ive been a nurse for 44 years..recently considering retirement following 18weeks off before+after rotator cuff repair+turning 66 this past March but I returned because I love being a those I work my tiny patients..the tiniest miracles sent from our heavenly Father+their families..when people hear which area I work the response is..oh it must be so much fun..u get time with babies..babies..i want to say..people u have no idea..none ehen parents hear the news they’ll never take their baby home..that they can’t even touch their baby for weeks..maybe months..i cry with them all..i once attended the birth of a baby so preterm there was absolutely nothing we could do since she was so early intubation was near to or didn’t want to hold her..take her away..her tiny heart was still I went into the bathroom..only place it was private..stuck her under my scrub top..till I felt her heart stop beating+sobbed..great big tears running down my face….i can’t recall how long it took or how long after I held her..that tiny miracle weighing less than a half pound of butter…this was back in the 70’s..when neonatal care was no way as advanced as it is today..but even today she would not have survived..i love my babies I send home healthy+strong+have even delivered the children of those babies..even after all these years..the tears..the heartache..i never one second regret the as my career nears its end I reflect as u do.nursing is lucky to have a nurse as koving+caring as you…and I love reading your blog..may God bless you as u continue on…love,linda..surprise,az

  4. Karen says:

    We are unappreciated ! I recently noticed several times how our military and first responders were being recognized and I thought ” What about us? What about nurses? Don’t we matter?” I have been a nurse for going on forty years. Daily my patients thank me for the care I give; but it would be nice if we could have at least an occasional mention at a public event for a job well done!