Eating Healthy As A Nurse Alright y’all, lets be honest. NO NURSE everrrrr feels like making dinner when they get off of a 12 hour shift. If anything, our mouth is already salivating thinking of fast-food when 6 o’clock comes around because we’re most likely stressed, tired, and hangry from not eating lunch, chasing […]


February 1, 2019

3 Fast and Easy Clean Meals For Nurses To Make After A Shift

  Six years ago when I started Yourheartismine, I had NO idea what this blog would (or could) evolve into. In the beginning, I simply just enjoyed sharing my voice about the profession that was near and dear to my heart. There were so many things that I was NOT okay with as a Nurse, […]

Nurse Entrepreneurship

January 25, 2019

5 Books That Every Nurse Entrepreneur Needs To Read

When I started as a Nurse 6 years ago, the schedule absolutely KILLED me. I worked night shift for 12-14 hours at a time, and just felt completely lethargic during the hours in between. I would go home and sleep that day away as most nurses did. When I woke up to head into my […]

Natural Nurse Beauty

January 15, 2019

5 Minute EASY Natural Nurse Makeup Routine

  This concept was something that I presented to my Instagram fam a few months ago. I received so much feedback from it that a blog post was warranted. “Hurt people hurt people.” It seems like a dark and negative topic, but it’s a fact that both HURTING and “WHOLE” people need to understand. Why? […]

Emotional Wellness

December 14, 2018

Hurt People Hurt People – Hope & Healing In The Midst Of “Hurt”