Dealing with Anxiety and/or Depression as a Nurse: How to Overcome!

  1. renee h says:

    love this! very helpful!

  2. Devorah says:

    I love your suggestions of how to cope with anxiety! But I don’t think that people should be afraid to try ssri’s because they are difficult to wean off of, zoloft has made such a huge difference in my life! yes I could function, and succeed, but it was soooo stressful! Zoloft has made a huge difference. Additionally, while it is best to not to take medications while pregnant, if there is no mama there is no baby. Much of my anxiety started following a miscarriage and became worse following each of my 2 healthy pregnancies. I would absolutely consider taking zoloft while pregnant, because depression/ anxiety while pregnant and postpartum can lead to difficulty bonding and cognitive differences with new baby. Yes, there is a risk of taking any medication while pregnant, but you have to also consider the risk of not taking medication.

    • Kelsey Rowell says:

      I appreciate your kind response! This subject is very contravesial with SSRI’s. I mentioned that I truly believe there is a time an place for pharmacologic intervention. I needed it! But I just stayed on it, even after feeling better. I had a circumstance that made my anxiety and depression worse, it wasn’t a chronic issue. When I got put on my medications I was never advised to get help or told that these were long term or short term. I think people just stay on them for the rest of their life, and they can cause really awful side effects. I attempted multiple times to get off, and failed miserably! I almost went to the ER bc I couldn’t stop dry heaving and had an awful migraine. I was properly tapering, my body just wasn’t used to the lack of chemical. I think we all need to make the choice that’s best for us! For you, Zoloft works. And that’s awesome! I’m so glad it has made you better! For me, I definitely have struggled with some rebound anxiety, but it has been totally worth it! I can “feel” now. There are crazy studies about being on SSRI’s having negative affects on child during pregnancy. That was my main reason for getting off! It makes sense to me when these are chemicals that affect our brain! Like I said, we need to do what’s best for us personally. I needed to be on those medications at the time, but I was on them so long that it was insanely hard to get off! I’m also more on the natural side of things, and don’t want to on medication unless it’s necessary. For some, it is. For me, it is not. But again, thank you for your honestly and kind approach! Best of luck to you and I’m glad Zoloft has helped you!!!!

      • Devorah says:

        Well, I only just started a few months ago, which is probably why I am hesistant to stop. However, I realize that it had been going on for years, so it may be part of who I am. In regards to medications during pregnancy, it is a difficult decision which will be something that I will have to consider when then time comes. Unfortunately, some people have a family history or personal history of anxiety/depression are at risk of experiencing it during/following pregnancy. There is a wonderful website for women with postpartum/antepartum depression

  3. futurenicunurse says:

    Hi Kelsey!

    I have seen you post a couple of times about your Daily Advantage and Zembrin pills that you take. Man are they pricey….but I just placed my order! I am hoping that it will give me the boost I need! 🙂 The Dr. David Williams website has a sale today 37% off your order with code LUCKY, and I think I got free shipping too! I figured it was a good time to buy when there was a coupon! LOL

    I really love reading your blog, it makes me super excited to get into/through Nursing School and start the rest of my life!

    • Kelsey Rowell says:

      I swear by them!!! I just bought 4 bottles of zembrin! Always wait til they have coupons Bc it is pricey! But I truly believe in them. I hope it works for you! Please let me know!!! <3

  4. Mcihele Brown says:

    I could not agree more with what you said. I have struggled with anxiety since the age of 8. It was in the last 3-4 years that I found Lucinda Basset, her program changed my world. I still let it take over me sometimes, but for the most part I am anxiety free. Thank you so much for sharing your story and being an inspiration to fellow nurses everywhere!

  5. Great post! Love the tips shared and agree that support, spiritual practice, and mindfulness can all support us as we cope with our challenges. Sharing!

  6. Rose Kavalf says:

    If you stop Zembrin will there be withdrawal just like with SSRI’s since it is a “natural” SSRI?

    • Kelsey Rowell says:

      So zembrin is not an SSRI but it’s impact on the brain resembles that of an SSRI but it’s not an addictive chemical like Lexapro….I’ve missed it many days and never any negative effects.

  7. Andrea C says:

    You have re-affirmed all the things I have learned and forgotten since starting in acute care. As well as fluctuating shifts. My anxiety has come with rage and I have been feeling helpless! Thank you reminding me what Lucinda also taught me and the importance of self care and spirituality! I am going to try these supplements too as I don’t want to be on SSRIs again. Much love!