#FrontLineNursing : Not “Just a Bedside Nurse”

  1. Jamie, LPN says:

    Hi Kelsey!! You ROCK! Just sayin!

  2. susan says:

    Thank you for a positive letter about nursing.
    So tired to reading about the nurses that hate the profession.
    I retired after 47 years of nursing & had a great career -liked some positions better that others , but learned from each one .
    Again thank you

  3. Peggy says:

    Love your post.I have never wanted to leave the bedside.I am 40 years in and would do it again.My opinion aboutNP is that they are the people who haven’t got the strength or understanding of what nursing is about.They look to escape the difficulties of our work day.Proud to be Caring for the patient. Love your post

  4. Thanks for speaking such timely truths!! I think you might have crept into my brain as I have been having the same thoughts for years, “Who will be left to care for the patients?” I am not sure this is a societal push, as much as our own profession. There is so much attention on the advanced practice nurse, who are awesome, that we have almost subconsciously as a profession began to devalue the bedside nurse. We definitely, as a profession, need to shift the focus back to the #Frontlinenurse!! <– I LOVE THIS!! Thanks again for being so transparent & getting the conversation going!!