To The Nursing Instructor Who Didn’t Believe In Me

  1. H. Paul Stikel says:

    Your blog is fantastic. I am a newer nursing instructor of 3 years. Worked at a childrens ICU prior to that and just loved the precepting and working with new staff. Now that I teach full time I love it. I am a total student fan and want all of them to succeed. I tell all of them that I want to see them all at pinning. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing a student try a new skill and see those eyes open up wide with achievement. I never tell a student that nursing is not for them. Are there stpeople in nursing school that don’t make it? Of course, but there is a better way of letting them know. Encouragement!!!! Don’t want them to quit school, just change their focus. There are a ton of professions in healthcare and in helping people. Direct them to the right one. Love teaching!!!!!

  2. Kayla Kroll says:

    That is such an amazing story. There were times during nursing school, two times to be exact that i had bad breakdowns thinking this might be the end. But in the end i was able to come out on top and graduated as an LPN, i take my nclex in two weeks so nervous but excited to start my new career. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. A-nony-nurse says:

    I was in the same situation as you: failed a clinical rotation, and during the exit meeting, the instuctor said to me, “maybe you belong in nursing”. I looked her in the eye and responded, “maybe you don’t belong in teaching”.

  4. VICKI says:

    Congratulations to you. Your story is a great one. I had an instructor for pedi who was so rude to me that I went to the director to complain . She didn’t teach there anymore. I received the Daisy Award too. It is a great honor.

  5. Jenn says:

    My first nursing instructor told me I should consider a different career too! She said I cried too easily and wouldn’t be able to handle it. It took some fighting and some time but I found my niche in the NICU and I love it.

  6. Heather Boone says:

    Kelsey: my heart aches because my story mirrors yours. I too was told by 2 of my professors that I should choose a different profession after struggling in their classes. I ended up failing out of the nursing program and moving back home. Like yours, my parents were ever encouraging me to pursue my dream.
    Long story short, I got a job as a CNA in the ER while I retook my prerequisites and continued getting rejected from nursing schools.
    Nearly four years after being told to choose a different profession, I am getting ready to graduate at the top of my class from small nursing school in Nebraska, getting the best grades I have ever received in school, at the top of my class, receiving scholarships and internship offers. I never imagined that my life would look like this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It’s so encouraging to know im not alone!

  7. Chrissy says:

    I too had a difficult time in school. Double disability mild cp and hard of hearing. Two hearing aides plus sized, bullied by teachers, classmates and later coworkers, I graduated, passed paper boards worked as a Gpn. It’s been some ride 25 years. My patients love me and i love them. I am quick to compliment slow to critize. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you