It’s that time of year again! The cookies, candies, and sugar galore! Mr. Smith’s wife feels there is no better way to say “ Merry Christmas” and “Thank You” than to bring her signature Pound Cake! Although it is a lovely gesture, the reality is she is one of many who bring similar foods like […]

Healthy Life Style, Nurse Life

December 21, 2016

Eating Healthy Around The Holidays As a Nurse!

Healthy eating is a challenge for many! Some would say it’s the time that goes into prepping. Others would say, “I just can’t eat like that” or “It’s too expensive to eat healthy!” What if instead of saying all of these things, you replaced it with, “My health just isn’t a priority.” Because essentially, that […]

Nurse Life

December 5, 2016

4 Simple Tips For Being Healthier During A 12-Hour Shift!